Hello, I'm Beau

Quick Origin Story: I'm a pilot – towed banners, taught Air Force and Navy pilots, even test flew a Russian Mil 8 helicopter once. Lots of hours in Cirrus aircraft. Only lost engine power once at 8500 feet...

I wanted to create something special for pilots, a token to mark your journey into flight.

Ever felt the gap between aviator watch makers and pilots? I did.

About a year ago, I sent a survey to fellow pilots. The response was overwhelming: 1800+ pilots shared their thoughts!

Turns out, many pilots feel the same way.

A good flight tool minimizes distractions, it doesn’t create new ones.

Pilots want a timepiece that does less but does it well – simple, quick GMT and Local conversions, and it looks great!

That's why Bravo Golf was born.

Our timepiece is by pilots, for pilots, built for the cockpit.